Refresh Insights with Boards

What are Boards?

Boards are a powerful tool within Lumi designed to address frequently asked questions and monitor critical metrics. They enable users to organize, visualize, and share key data insights across an organization, ensuring everyone has access to the most current information.

When to use Boards?

Best Practices

Board Feature Highlights

For a functional guide to boards please review here.

  • Create Board: Boards can be created through chat or on the board menu.

  • Add Cards: Add content directly to boards or through chat, with chat offering more controls for complex responses and refined interactions.

  • Expand Card: Drill into more details and uncover a deeper understanding by expanding cards.

  • Publish Boards: Creators can publish and share the board with all users with access to the knowledge base.

  • Refresh Insights: Refresh the board on command, ensuring accurate and comprehensive analysis.

  • View Summary: A report summary highlights the key insights from each card.


A status symbol will indicate if a card failed to refresh. Hovering over the symbol will show how outdated the last successful state is. Refresh failures typically occur due to changes in the knowledge base. If done accidentally, the KB can be adjusted back. If the change is permanent, the card must be removed and regenerated in chat or directly on the board.

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