Data Gateway

The Lumi AI Data Gateway is a lightweight application for facilitating secure connections between local systems and the Lumi AI platform.

The Data Gateway is an effective alternative for systems that should not be directly accessible from the Internet.

Quick Start

If you're looking for a guide to setup an instance of the Data Gateway, see here.

How it Works

The Data Gateway runs as a service on a local system. It polls for requests from the Lumi AI platform and executes the associated requests at the local.

It sends the data result from a query along with any associated metadata back, emulating the information that would be returned from a direct connection to the local system.

Network Details

The Data Gateway does not require a port to be opened at the host and instead relies on outbound requests to the Lumi AI platform.

It does however require appropriate access to the source data via TCP, thus firewalls and ports accessible with the local network must be configured appropriately.


Logs are kept in the logs directory of the Data Gateway executable. Logs are retained for 7 days locally. Log data is not replicated to the Lumi AI platform, beyond what is passed as data and metadata with the request, and application error states.

Management & Monitoring

Individuals with administrative access to the Lumi AI platform can manage and monitor the Data Gateway. This includes creating, relabeling, removing, and monitoring the status of Data Gateways.

Note that a gateway's status is usually reflected immediately, but under certain conditions (e.g., host is shut down unexpectedly) it may take 10 to 15 minutes for the status change to be reflected in the panel.

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