The ‘Boards’ module allows users to pin frequently asked prompts and auto-refresh the insight generation process.

Create Board

There are multiple ways to create a board:

  • Using the “Add to Board” feature available in each chat

  • Click on “+ New Board”

Rename Board

To rename a board, click on the title, make the necessary edits, and then save.

Publish / Un-publish Board

To publish a board, click on the “Publish” icon on the top right hand side of the interface.

Delete Board

To delete a board, click on the 3 dots on the top right hand side of interface.

Organize Boards

The sidebar enables you to filter your favorite boards and differentiate between boards you created and those shared by others.

You can also sort chats by knowledge base or by the most recent activity.

Customize Boards

Boards can be customized with different cards and adjusted to suite the application. Resizing, copying, moving can all be done at the card level.

Update Card Contents

Cards can you can modify the fields, chart type, and titles.

Update Title and Description

Cards can you can modify the chart title and description. Make sure to save both the title field and the card itself to reflect the change.

Update Chart Fields and Display

Chart fields, axis, and sort dimensions can be modified. Ensure to save the card to reflect the changes.

View Report Summary

Boards come with automated insights. To enable the report summary: add all of the cards to the board, select refresh cards and then refresh the browser. The pop down should be togglable at the top of the board.

Hint: Once all cards are added, select refresh and reload the page to update the report summary.

Refresh Cards

To refresh insights, click the "Refresh Cards" button.

A status symbol will indicate if a card failed to refresh. Hovering over the symbol will show how outdated the last successful state is. Refresh failures typically occur due to changes in the knowledge base. If done accidentally, the knowledge base can be adjusted back. If the change is permanent, the card must be removed and regenerated in chat or directly on the board.

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