Knowledge Base


The 'Knowledge Base' module allows admins and contributors to configure what Lumi understands about your data structures, calculation of key metrics, and business terminology.

Without it, Lumi will not be able to answer questions.

View configuration best practices here.

Create Knowledge Base

To create a knowledge base, click on “create new KB”

Duplicate or Delete Knowledge Base

To duplicate or delete a knowledge base, click on the 3 dots next to the “Edit” icon.

Duplicating a knowledge base is helpful if you are looking to test any context changes before releasing to the broader user base.

Edit Knowledge Base

To edit a knowledge base, click on “Edit” icon.

Only admins or contributors can edit a knowledge base. Learn more about the different permissions group here.

For best practices on how to configure a knowledge base, click click here.

Rename Knowledge Base

To rename a knowledge base, click on “Edit” icon, adjust the name, and press save.

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