Effective prompting has a learning curve. Crafting clear, concise prompts can significantly enhance the quality of the results you receive from Lumi. To help you develop this skill, we've created a detailed guide on Prompting Best Practices.

1. Data Availability

Lumi cannot answer questions requiring data it isn't connected to or aware of in the knowledge base. Questions beyond this scope may not receive accurate responses. You can check what data is available to query in the table preview or in the knowledge base.

2. Spelling of Attributes

Misspellings in attributes (e.g., product names, brands, or categories) may lead to empty responses. If unsure, you can:

  • Perform a general search: "how many items fall under the category that contains any variation of bikes in the description?"

  • Add common abbreviations or variations to the knowledge base.

❌ Misspelling Example

Scenario: User asking about metrics in the austin market.

Error: There are no market with the name 'austin' this will return nothing because Lumi is directly filtering for markets with the explicit name 'austin'.

✅ Tips to Resolve Error

Use the exact attribute name.

Example: What is the injury rate in 2024 for the 'AUSTIN (6Z, 3023)' market?

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